Thursday, April 3, 2008

A surprising development

Well, surprising unless you had inside knowledge about my half-arsed looking for land. I hadn't been going at it very seriously, just seeing if anything would come up. And it did - a 512 sq m plot in Cape Wrath, too good to miss. So I've got land! In Caledon, most beautiful land on the grid!

More surprising perhaps is that I went and got a pub. Well, I like pubs, everybody knows that, so it felt like a natural thing. I had problems thinking up a name and ended up sort of naming it for myself - that's what a lack of imagination does to ye, I suppose.

But do come on over, relax, have a drink, play some En Garde. That's what I set up the place for. Open all hours, it is. None of that "last orders" rubbish here.