Saturday, December 8, 2007


Looks like I was tagged with that meme about 8 random facts that everybody else has been doing. Guess I picked the wrong day to glance at the blogs, since I feel compelled to answer it. Maybe someone will actually read this.

Here's the boring truth about my RL avatar:

1. I live on an island on the southwestern coast of Norway. This seems to be regarded as exotic by people in foreign lands. I live at the place my last name is for - and my street address shows it. I've never (apart from a year's compulsory military service) lived more than 10 kilometres away from where I was born. I like it here.

2. The local accent which I speak is of a sort that it might be argued my English is better. English is my only foreign language, though I know a bit of German and it can generally be puzzled out -and for some strange reason it's easy to understand when someone speaks it at me.

3. I work at an aluminium smelter. This may be one of the most steampunky jobs anywhere.

4. I wear conspicuous boots in RL as well as in SL. My liking for ales also transcends the barrier between Lives, but I don't have the opportunity to drink that often in RL. I'm not bald in RL though.

5. I wasn't "born in the wrong century" - I like my modern medical science and dentistry, indoor plumbing and broadband internet. Caledon is just for fun.

6. I don't watch TV and many celebrities are quite unknown to me.

7. I envy all those people who get an education and enjoy it. For me when I've tried it it's always been about being impoverished, bored and anxious and hating my fellow humans. I enjoy working.

8. I don't have a single braincell that can be used for creative work. Excellent memory, but things like writing are painful - like permanent writer's block. Creating anything three-dimensional is right out. I just can't wrap my mind around it.

I refuse to tag anyone, because there probably isn't eight people in SL who haven't been tagged already; and besides I don't like these chainletter memes so I'm not about to inflict them on others.


DarklingRose said...

/grins and sings.../ There is oooonly one! Rooooy Smaaasshcan!

Alright, somebody tagged you before I could. Thanks for playing!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Smashcan,

I'm sure there's quite a few people who will read this - I know I have been patiently checking for new journal entries for many months.

Thank you for both being a good sport, and for updating.


Klaus Wulfenbach

Myfi Davies said...

Two months later and I'm finally reading some blogs... and I think you do most excellently well with your blog, not even taking into account that your first language is not English. :)

Myfanwy Davies the Usually Barefoot

Merlot said...

Hey Roy! I have a blog now too!
Yay for funky boots and not forwarding memes!